The Coin from Halikarnassos

Artemisia’s Coin?!

Numismatists believe that this coin was struck between 500 and 480 BC. That period corresponds very closely to Artemisia I’s reign (496-479 BC). In my research, I have not come across a numismatist who attributes this coin to Artemisia I. However, since her reign occupies 79% and I believe that the A beneath the goat’s mouth is Artemisia I’s monogram, I have attributed the coin to her.

Artemisia I: 496-479 BC. Silver Obol, minted in Halikarnassos, 7mm diameter, 0.71g.

SNG Keckman 39; SNG Kayhan 757-8. Very Fine.


Reverse: Goat forepart left, A below goat’s mouth, all within incuse circle

Obverse: Pegasos forepart left charging


Artemisia’s banner

So while there is no evidence for what Artemisia I’s banner might have looked like, I used the coin to make her banner for the novel.

Roy Casagranda