When I dropped out of high school, the last grade that I had successfully completed was the ninth grade. It was my thirteenth school. I hated school so much I decided to become an educator. I got a GED and then a BS in political science and went on to teach high school algebra, calculus, history, physics, and chemistry. Eventually I went back to school for a couple of graduate degrees and now I teach political science at a community college.

Though I'm obsessed with politics, I mostly hate it. And although I'm obsessed with the Middle East, I mostly love it.

I attempted to sneak into three countries (two of which no longer exist (East Germany and Czechoslovakia)), but was caught every time. I also tried to sneak out of another country, but was caught again. I have successfully bribed a government official from a second world country with a bottle of vodka, but was caught by an undercover agent from a third world country and had to conduct a retroactive supplementary bribe. Both bribes were done after I had already gotten the government document that I wanted.

I believe that we spend most of our lives desperately trying to avoid seeing the things that contradict what we want to believe. When we do accidentally experience such things, our brains intentionally scramble what was seen.

And I'm especially interested in telling stories of the loser, the forgotten, the unjustly villainized, and women with weapons.

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Me at a Protest

I like protests.

Roy Casagranda